The First Post

Hi, I’m Nathaniel R. Mitchell. I like movies a whole bunch, and have ghostwritten a few along with my own, Unlucky (2016), and I’m working on a book series, Jack and David Get There in Twenty Chapters or Less, which you can buy the first novella on Kindle, more coming soon!

Anyway, I’m making this blog because I like movies so much and because I watch a movie a day anyway, oh and because I discovered this list of movies that apparently I should watch before I die, so I’m going to God Dammit, so why not review them as well, argue about their legitimacy being on the list and how good the movie would be by today’s standards.

Which reminds me, I’m not a film historian, though I have enjoyed movies from every era of film making (at least since the 1920s), so I’m not entirely sure how much something might be “groundbreaking” for its time or anything like that (unless it tells me in its Wikipedia article or IMDB, I’m just wondering how enjoyable a movie is from my incredibly high standards. Note: My standards aren’t that high…

For the List:

You’ll note that there are more movies than 1,001 for some reason…

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