0086: The Triumph of the Will (1934)

Triumph of the Will

Rating: Ah geez…

Well, this is Nazi propaganda, and therefore not a movie. It is an interesting piece of history though. Made before Hitler went to war with anything and during a time when Germany was still recovering from the last war. It’s a documentary of the events when many high-ranking members of the Nazi party gave speeches at rallies and gatherings of workers across the country. The speeches don’t have subtitles so I can’t really comment on any of that, and I can’t really comment on it as a documentary here either. All it shows is Germans getting excited for Hitler and having fun in various ways in between the speeches (it is propaganda after all). The only people I would recommend it for are those who want to see a part of history when a whole country of modern-thinking people really backed the wrong horse.

Why I think it is on the list: You get to see the worst person in history give a speech. I guess you can do the same on YouTube anyway, but the historical significance of this film is so high it’s through the roof.

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