1068: The Aviator (2004)

The Aviator

Rating: 7.5/10

I want to say that, for the most part, bio-pics aren’t my cup of tea. Though I found this one to be pretty good. It still had some of the problems I have with the genre. Overall though, it was pretty entertaining throughout it’s 3 hour run-time, with some issues.

What I really liked in this movie was the cinematography. Also the music. Both were stylized to match the films of whatever year it was in Howard Hughes life at the time, from the 20s to the 40s (maybe longer). Oh, this movie is about Howard Hughes, whom I knew nothing about before watching this movie, but from what little I know about this movie it sounds like it was an accurate portrayal of Hugues and how his life was.

I enjoyed that it went through many genres and wasn’t afraid to show the main character  in a negative light. The filmmakers show his OCD-behavior and his germaphobia as it overtakes his life until he regresses completely away from society. He was a person who rose above everyone trying to make his movies and his planes and his vision of the future.

Despite his setbacks it’s good to look and see what he accomplished, and I think this movie does a great job showing us just that. This man had a vision and he was ruthless at bringing that vision to fruition, no matter the cost. I think this movie does a great job of how things were like for this character throughout his life and we get to view him during both his brightest and darkest times.

What I didn’t like so much in this movie was the length. I know some might consider this nitpicky but I take movie length very seriously. Movies should be as long as they need to be, no more and no less, and if you turn in a 3 hour long movie I better not be catching myself thinking things like “well, this scene could have been shortened” or “this side story should have been cut” or “this character serves no purpose to the story” etc. The more I think those things the more I start to notice how long your movie is, and though there were a lot of parts I liked in this movie it was bogged down by many parts that were taken over by cliche or just flat-out boring scenes.

WHY I THINK IT’S ON THE LIST: Because of the outstanding music and cinematography matching the look and feel of movies in the early “talky” era. Also the transparent showing  of Howard Hughes’ life in his best and worst moments.

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