1122: Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Inglourious Basterds

Rating: 10+/10

You can’t really go wrong with Tarantino. Even his least liked film, Death Proof, is better than 99% of the films out there. They are a work of art, much like Stanley Kubrick’s films or a Leonardo da Vinci painting, so it’s really hard to compare his movies to anything other than other Tarantino films. They are a style all their own, mixing genres like they don’t even care and becoming something totally unique.

I’m glad I watched this after watching both Alien and Point Blank. This seems to have a very similar approach in style to both films. In Point Blank, they both share having these long, slow scenes that lead to sudden, extreme violence. For Alien, they have these long, slow scenes that build tension which, in this film, almost make you thankful whenever people start killing each other. I guess what I’m saying is that this movie was LONG and SLOW, but I was honestly never bored.

Evil has seen many forms but none have been quite as crazy and evil as Adolf Hitler and his Nazi goons. It’s kind of fitting seeing an alternate version of history like this showing all Nazi’s to be ruthless, entitled assholes and Adolf Hitler to be a whiney, scared child as a small band of Jewish men outsmart them at every turn.

The most tense and probably best scenes of the movie though all surround the character of Shosanna, played by Melanie Laurent. Although she never actually meets the Basterds, her story is more important than theirs and she’s the true star of this movie. The Basterds are awesome, and who doesn’t like killing Nazis? But Shosanna’s story is the one that we truly feel throughout the film.

Why it’s on the list: I think it’s rare to watch a perfect movie. Everything stands out in this from the acting, to the music, to the cinematography, to the over-the-top violence, to the line “That’s a bingo!” Though watching something like this might ruin all other movies for you forever for being not nearly as good. Meh, who knows?

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