0270: The Bigamist (1953)

The Bigamist

Rating: 5/10

This movie went in the wrong order. Anticlimactic is a word that has become synonymous with “disappointing” but it used to be a term for a storytelling device where the movie (or book, play, etc.) begins basically at the end. An example would be Fight Club where we start the story with Tyler Durden pointing a gun in the main characters mouth on the top floor of a building. It then flashes back to the “beginning” of the story. Now, what makes this anticlimactic is that no matter what else the story does, the audience knows it’s going to get to the part with a gun in someone’s mouth eventually. Anticlimactic stories work really well in certain types of narratives. Here, it doesn’t work at all.

Okay, in this movie a woman, Eve, is married to a man, Jackass, and she can’t conceive so they’re at an adoption agency to adopt a kid but the guy has to investigate them to make sure neither of them are crazy or, you know, married to two women at the same time.

Anyway, Jackass is a salesman so he has to travel a lot. He goes to Las Angeles, and the guy from the adoption agency looks him up and discovers that Jackass has another family with a woman named Phyllis. The guy is going to call the police but then Jackass is like, “oh, whoa, listen to my sob story first” and since we wouldn’t have a movie otherwise the guy does. SO this is why this movie is in the wrong order, we really don’t need to know anything else other than this, you can practically write the movie yourself from what I just told you. If it started from the beginning it would have made this movie a lot better if only because there would be things to discover. I liked learning about the characters Phyllis and Eve, but all the charge is taken out of this movie because we already know the fate of everyone, more or less. I guess you could probably write this movie in your head from the title though.

Also, it feels like this movie is trying really hard to make me feel sorry for Jackass. Oh no, I have two women who love me completely and I’m betraying both of them. This is meant to be some kind of moral message: that you shouldn’t marry two woman at the same time. One I think we can learn something from, unless you’re in one of those cultures or religions where you can marry multiple people (or your just a bigamist). But still, don’t LEGALLY marry multiple people, because it’s illegal, and THAT’S the moral of this movie. I’m glad we could reach that conclusion together.

Anyway, outside of everything I just ranted about, this movie was fine. I didn’t hate it, didn’t really like it very much either.

Why it’s on the list: The only thing I could find was on the IMdb Trivia page for this film, that it was the first movie directed by a woman who also acted in the movie. I don’t know if that’s a good enough to be the ONLY reason to watch this before you die though.

2 thoughts on “0270: The Bigamist (1953)

  1. Referring to the lead character as ‘Jackass’ rather than Harry is very distracting and unprofessional. Otherwise, a decent review.


    1. Sup? This movie was one I wrote when I was having a personal battle with this “1,001 list” as this movie, along with quite a few others, have really no reason to be on a list that EVERYONE should watch. I’m over it now, but I just remember feeling somewhat bitter about watching this movie in particular as not either standing out in any way or not being especially good. I mean, I’ve watched other movies since then that deserve to be on a list like this less, but that’s why I started the whole “My List” section of the site, if only to have suggestions for better movies to watch instead of somewhat schlocky ones like this (or even worse ones).

      Also, this blog has gone through many changes since I’ve started and if I feel anything else should change to make ME a better reviewer, I will do so. Originally, all I was thinking was that I’m going through this list of movies anyway, and I know a lot about movies and how they’re supposed to behave, why not blog about it too? But, since most of my experience is with creative writing, I was originally just trying to make these reviews creatively…sort of, I still do that some but I back what I write up with research (mostly, Box o’ Randos are different…) and try to be fairer in my scoring. Which is why I’m going to rewatch and start a “Re-Review” section for more than a few of these at some point, since I know I’ve grown as a reviewer since starting this. If I feel this one needs it, I’ll re-review this one too (though, no offense, this one isn’t a priority). Sorry for over explaining things.

      Also, thank you for recognizing that I’m not a professional 🙂


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