0910: Natural Born Killers (1994)

Natural Born Killers.jpg

Rating: 8.5/10

This is definitely the weirded collection of television shows I’ve ever seen. It starts with a “light-hearted” sitcom from the 50s, then seems to move into some kind of cop reenactment show from the 90s, then a couple of dramas from the 70s. Very strange how they’re all related and go in sequential order, but I’m sure that’s just some crazy coincidence.

Seriously though, this movie is great. Stylistically, it borrows from the tropes of television throughout the existence of the medium (up to the 90s anyway). It’s also extremely violent. It makes Mickey and Mallory out to be some kind of heroes despite also being mass murderers. It’s so much fun watching them though as they travel from place to place killing people. Loosely based on a Quentin Tarantino script, you see a familiar gimmick of his where Mickey and Mallory always kill everyone but a single person so they can live to tell the tale. I wonder if Tarantino’s version would have been better than this one. It works well how they use this lense of television to show the way that the news media has portrayed serial killers as being heroes rather than the monsters they really are. It interlaces this with actual footage of news broadcasts so you know that it means something!

I think this is a fun, violent film that is also artistically shot with tons of metaphorical undertones just for the hell of it. I enjoy it enough and watch it infrequently enough that I usually forget there are a few slower parts in the middle of it which drags from the otherwise fast, chaotic pace.

Why it’s on the list: I think the stars of the show are the editors on this film. To create something so grotesque and yet so unique and making it not only worth watching but downright enjoyable the whole time. It makes this film one of the best…edited films of all time.

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