0061: Frankenstein (1931)


Rating: 9/10

Why is it that Igor is the one to fetch the brain? He’s not smart by any means and he can hardly read. Why wouldn’t Dr. Frankenstein get the damn brain himself? It seems like the most important part of his creation, he had to have known his hunchbacked lackey would mess it up somehow. That aspect to the story just really bugs me, and truthfully it makes me just want to go on some meaningless rant about incredibly stupid plot points…

Okay, here’s the thing, whenever you put something like that in your story, any story not just movies, it feels like a cop out. You should at least give Dr. Frankenstein a reason to not be able to do it himself outside of “his own hubris” or whatever, and frankly his hubris should be the very reason he would insist on picking out the perfect brain for his monster. The fact that he doesn’t do it, and just lets his lackey do it, and there’s no reason given for this, causes your story to fall apart. People will do as I just did and POKE HOLES IN YOUR PLOT! If the only reason an idea like this is in there, it doesn’t work because your characters aren’t acting like they would act normally and it makes them FEEL FAKE instead of like the real people their supposed to be. And if you can’t think of a reason for the characters to be doing something, but you put it in anyway because THE PLOT DEMANDS IT then you should take it out and think of something realistic instead.

Okay, okay, I just took more time writing that last paragraph than it probably took to film the scene in question. And really it’s more of a pet peeve about this movie than an actual complaint. It’s not nearly as bad as some of the plot ass-pulls some movies try to get away with.

This movie was good though, and something I love about it is that it works even in today’s context. The graphics aren’t over the top so they don’t come off as cheezy, the plot kicks off immediately as Frankenstein and Igor dig up a grave to start their demented experiments and the pace remains quick for most of the movie. There’s a few slower, unnecessary scenes just after Frankenstein performs the experiment where their trying to shove some kind of moral down my throat, but being that this movie is only an hour and 5 minutes long, I guess it’s okay to have these short, slow scenes before the action begins, but it feels out of place considering how fast the pace is before these scenes. Also, I’m not a fan of them because they feel more than a little preachy.

Frankenstein’s monster is one of the most iconic images in the history of movies. I know we aren’t scared of him anymore and he’s mostly just used for comedy today. But he was the first movie monster to really come alive (no pun intended).

Why you should watch it before you die: This movie shows a man gone to the brink of madness trying to play god as he gives birth to an abomination. It was a movie based on a book written specifically to be anti-science. Despite this, the film is essentially one of the best monster movies ever made and will continue to be watched until the inevitable heat-death of the universe.

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