1184: Spotlight (2015)


Rating: 8/10

The Incredible Hulk teams up with Batman to take on the Catholic Church. This is a fight for the ages, folks. Seriously though, this is a movie where Mark Ruffalo teams up with Michael Keaton to, um, take on the Catholic Church. Based on a true story of the massive cover-up by the Church that was uncovered by the media. Just how far does the story go?

Usually, “based on a true story” movies are things I don’t normally like. I can’t really tell you why. There’s not really one thing that pegs it down, like they all overuse exposition or something. I think many of them just suffer from If-I-write-about-this-subject-I’ll-get-an-Oscar-itis, and maybe this movie suffers from that a little, but it’s so interesting of a story and presented with A+ acting and writing the whole way through, that aspect doesn’t drag the movie down. So, obviously, that isn’t the cause.

This movie suffers, as many do, in that it takes a bit before the story gets going, and though the acting is good, it just isn’t as interesting at the rest of the movie. Though I don’t mind when movies are slow to open, it’s always obvious to me when the movie should have started later than it does. At the beginning of every scene I start think, “oh THIS is where the movie should have begun” and I continue to think that until the scene the movie should have actually started in. A lot of movies have this problem. I think there’s something taboo in Hollywood about releasing a movie less than 2 hours long. I have no idea why.

This movie also suffers a bit at the end of the second act. WE know they’re going to release the article. I don’t think it has to meander quite as much as it does about the “tension,” if you can even call it that, up to the big event. It’s not too bad in this film, just more footage that the movie would have been better for if it was cut.

Still, pretty solid film.

Why you should watch it before you die: Well, if you know nothing about the story at all then you should definitely watch it. If you do know about the story I’d say watch it anyway just because it’s about one of the biggest news stories in recent memory and is also a pretty good flick. It shows what these reporters had to go through in order to get this story out and just how bad it was (and maybe still is…) in the Catholic Church.

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