0437: Scorpio Rising (1964)

Scorpio Rising

Rating: 2.5/10

This is more a collection of music videos than anything else, or maybe it’s just  a mostly silent film put to your father’s 50s and 60s mixed tape. I guess this movie was the influence of great directors, such as Martin Scorsese. It is also regarded as one of the first postmodern films. I can see that. I guess it’s historical, but as watching the Birth of a Nation has taught me, just because something is historical doesn’t mean that it’s worth my time.

Okay, this film is too long. Also, this movie is only a half an hour in length so I shouldn’t be thinking that it’s too long. There’s too many scenes of men dressing in clothes, or working on their bike, don’t film a long scene when a short scene will do. The only reason I can think for this is to stretch out the footage to match the length of the music. It doesn’t even go with the music that well. These aren’t good music videos. Instead they’re ones that are either slow with nothing much going on, or they’re filled with lots of jump cuts to random images which is meant to be “metaphorical” and maybe it would be if you’re a stoned hippy. But to me watching now, it feels more like some averagely shot music videos about bikers that don’t really make sense even when watching them back to back like this.

Though some of the stuff in here was pretty new age for its time there’s many things out there that do what this movie does only better.

As far as good things about the movie go, the soundtrack is really good, I would say you could just put the film on in the background and listen to the soundtrack and wouldn’t miss much from the actual film. There’s kind of a cool race at the end though. I just don’t think it has to take as long as it does to get there.

Why you should watch it before you die: Because you’re into postmodern films and want to see one of the influences of that genre. Or you’re an art student and like movies made by other art students.

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