0031: Seven Chances (1925)

Seven Chances.jpg

Rating: 7.5/10

Seven Chances is a movie starring Buster Keaton. As all movies made before 1927, it’s a silent picture. It’s also based on a play, which is weird being that plays usually have a lot of dialogue and silent movies don’t have any. They’re left to intertitles and, as Stanley Kubrick knew, intertitles are best used sparingly. Though, some scenes are fine, there are many that are a bit too sick with intertitles to be enjoyable, especially in the first twenty minutes of the movie.

This is kind of an odd movie. Buster Keaton was best known for his comedies and this is mostly a serious film, at least for the first third of it. I can see why Buster Keaton said this was his least favorite film of all the ones he did. It’s just not quite the style you expect from him at first. It does become another one of his classics but it takes a bit to get there.

Sigh, black face? You could just have a white gardener you know Buster? If you 1920s guys are all too scared of black people to put them in your movie just have white people there. IT’S MORE RACIST TO DO BLACKFACE! GOD! Fucking 20s-ers, don’t know anything **grumble, grumbe**

The music in this film is really good. Being that this is so old it has no copyright anymore and the music was probably redone multiple times, I’m not sure how true it is to the original music, but it’s really good anyway. Hopefully if you watch it you get to see it with a soundtrack as good as the one I saw it with.

The sketches in this aren’t nearly as fast-paced as I would normally expect from a Buster Keaton film but when the comedy does come it is absolutely hilarious. Then, when it comes to the chase sequence, it’s filmed with the comedic, slapstick stunts Keaton is best known for, it becomes the film we know and love him for.

I just think it could have trimmed fifteen minutes at the beginning and it would have been a better movie. It didn’t need such a slow start. This is true of many films I suppose, but I don’t forgive those movies of this either.

Why you should watch it before you die: Because watching Buster Keaton do anything is simply delightful. Though I can see why he thought this movie was one of his worsts, it’s still better and funnier than 90% of the movies being put out there today. If only it didn’t have any blackface…

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