0818: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit.jpg

Rating: 10+/10

I’ve decided to create a new rating for movies that I think are perfect. I told you how rare those were, but there are a few on the list, and the others I should hope to find and put on my list. So, 10+, even better than great. Look for it in the future…and the past as I’ll be going back through to add the rating to the other movies I’ve said this about.

This is one of those movies that I grew up watching it and I’ve seen it frequently for as long as I can remember. The thing about  it is that it really works as a movie that any age can enjoy. There’s tons of stuff for kids like the Disney/Looney Tunes cartoon humor throughout. There’s stuff for teens as much of the non-animated humor you probably won’t get until your older anyway. And then for adults there’s a pretty complicated and smartly written noir mystery happening throughout the film. This is a movie that I could (and sometimes do) watch over and over again forever and keep notices new things about it. Kind of like a Kubrick film except not nearly as confusing.

This movie takes place in a world where cartoons, or just “toons,” are as real as you or I. Eddie Valiant, played by the late, great Bob Hoskins, is a Private Investigator who used to work exclusively for toons until one killed his brother. Now, he’s a drunk who only gets money taking dirty pictures for big Hollywood executives. Then Roger Rabbit is framed for murder, as the title implies, and Eddie has to figure out how to get him off the hook before Judge Doom can find Roger and stick him in the Dip. A chemical compound created by Doom himself as the only way to murder toons.

This movie gets everything right. Never is a scene wasted or unnecessary. It knows how to have interesting and exciting first acts. How to introduces characters and building a world without over-explaining. It has Christopher Lloyd in it, which always makes a movie better. It melds genres so seamlessly and creates something so unique it feels more real than many movies without cartoon characters running around in it.

Why you should watch it before you die: They’ve tried to combine animation with live-action many times both before and after this movie was made, but I don’t think any can ever be as good or blend animation so seamlessly as this movie does.

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