0116: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937)


Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.jpg

Rating: 6.5/10

Disney is the main cause of adult-targeted cartoon movies never really taking off in America. Maybe someday but for now we’ll just have to keep watching anime. This movie is an amazing achievement in design and the beginning of fully animated feature films. It’s a fairly entertaining kids movie, though some adults might consider most of the humor pretty juvenile. I think everyone would appreciate the sound Lucille La Verne’s angelic singing, something she unfortunately never got to do again on screen.

This movie is good at wasting my time though. These are things I think is meant more for children, such as when Snow White sings all the kid’s to sleep. The scene after where all the dwarves are sleeping which goes on for 5+ minutes. It’s unnecessary and it isn’t funny, but it’s showing off the new media. It’s gimmicky, like 3D movies, so it, you know… sucks.

Okay, I’m fine with the first act. The last act of this movie is also fine. They both have plots that developed in almost every scene, aside from a song here and there (more on that in a minute), but things happen. This is a case where the writer didn’t know where the story should go in the middle of it but he needed to make a 90 minute movie or it wouldn’t be the world’s first feature-length animated film! So the plot just stays perfectly still for 20-30 minutes of screentime and the second act is just there to make people go goo-goo eyed at how slick and seamless the animation is. This movie suffers from what I call the “2nd-act doldrums” or when the second act doesn’t know how to rap up and get the good stuff so it just waits around doing basically nothing until the villain can put the last part of his plan into play or whatever. Here though, it suffers from the 2nd-act doldrums for the ENTIRE SECOND ACT! If it weren’t for the music, I’d say this section of the movie could have been cut entirely. Truthfully, I’ll say that anyway, because:

The music was completely unnecessary, okay, get angry with me. It’s all timeless classics, and if it was on some weird Disney produced mixed tape I would definitely recommend it….for kids. But every song did NOTHING TO PROGRESS THE STORY! It just does what the second act does: it keeps explaining the things that we already know. Outside of the very first song, which explains that Snow White longs for love and marriage, but considering how much a part of the story the love plot is, it could have been cut just as much as all the songs.

The rest of the movie was fine, but nothing special outside of the awesome animation achievement.

Why you should watch it before you die: Because you’re under the age of 10, you have kids who are under the age of 10, you’re a huge Disney fan, or, like I said, you just want to see the first animated movie.


I’d thought I’d give this a shot since I do it like this in my head anyway. I’m a math nerd, my bad:

+10: timeless classic that changed everything forever

-2.5: Pointless middle

-1: Songs don’t improve movie

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