0842: Roger & Me (1989)

Roger & Me.jpg

Rating: 7/10

Michael Moore’s first movie and documentary, made with almost no money showing just how pissed off he was about the closing of all the GM factories in his hometown of Flint, Michigan. Michael Moore has a style totally unique to a documentarian. He’s very in your face and is very good at hammering his point across. I don’t always agree with his views or his questionable techniques, but he is very good at showing corruption in all its forms. You see the beginnings of his hard-hitting style here with this film.

Roger & Me shows the beginning of all businesses shipping overseas and how it affected an entire city. This really became an ethical question of whether big companies should keep overpaying the American person simply to keep their business in America and strengthen America and show a little American pride perhaps, or just pay two cents per hour to open a factory in Mexico, or China, or wherever. Well, we all know what the big companies chose there. American consumerism means that only the richest have all the power and everyone else should be treated like cattle. I’m not even making a joke…

This is a documentary but it’s more like gonzo journalism as well. Rather than tell you all the facts, it mixes it with the feelings of the director and what things mean specifically to Michael Moore. It’s truly a unique documentary. This hard-hitting style really is good for showing people what’s happening and having it from Moore’s voice makes it very personal that something like this happened in his hometown and forced over half the population of a city into poverty.

Why you should watch it before you die: It shows just how evil American consumerism really is and how little the common people really mean to all these bigwig corporations.


+7.5: Very informative and entertaining documentary

-.5: some pointless scenes

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