Rating System

Sorry, I’ve been a bit busy finishing up the current draft of my book and haven’t had time to watch movies. Today, I think I’ll just talk about my Rating system just a bit and probably be back for regular reviews soon.

I upset a few people giving Titanic a 5, but a 5/10 is an F if you’re in high school, but it’s a pretty good grade for a movie. It’s the equivalent of giving 2 and a half stars out of 5, better than average but maybe a few problems drag it down.

I know I started out basically giving grades like a teacher might, anything below a 6 was a failure, but once I started actually scoring things I realized that really ANYTHING that doesn’t have a perfect zero has at least something about it that was good. For example, something I didn’t properly score on paper but in my head, Dangerous Liaisons, a movie that I gave only a half a point only had one good thing in it, that’s Glenn Close’s performance, unfortunately she wasn’t in the movie long enough to warrant more points, taking up maybe 20 minutes of screentime in a 2 hour movie.

So I thought I’d just talk about how I’ve been rating since I decided to switch over to the knew grading system. First, I usually clump everything together and rate it as a whole, a big score that takes up most of the rating, then I add +s or -s just by things that stood out, for good or ill. It might be something like bad acting from the main character like in Dangerous Liaisons or good cinematography like in Citizen Kane. Sometimes it might be how the movie holds up in its point in history.

Anyway, a 5 is a good score, and really anything with any score I liked in some way. I don’t think I’ve given anything a 0 yet, and I doubt that I will but I guess we’ll see.

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