Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Avengers Infinity Wars.jpg

Rating: 9/10

I try to write things that are spoiler free (for the most part). Here it’s kind of hard to talk about anything without spoiling at least something being that it’s the culmination of 20 or more movies so spoilers follow (probably).

This movie delivers. I’ll get that out of the way as many people weren’t sure during the lead up to this film. But this movie hits hard in every way it can. It gives Thanos enough screen time and backstory to make up for him getting almost none before this movie. It gave all the heroes throughout the movie their own story and screen time as well, though a few were settled into the background, such as Black Widow or Warmachine, but they still get plenty of action scenes so it’s cool. I guess I’m a little disappointed they didn’t further explore Black Widows and the Hulk’s romance but I’m a bit of a shipper when it comes to those two…

I have to admit that I’m very impressed. It’s tough to make a movie like this, I mean, any of the Avengers movies is everything that’s come before all mixed together no matter what’s going on in each individual’s storyline. And IT STILL HAS TO BE A GOOD MOVIE! If it isn’t it could kill the whole MCU! I don’t think anything like this has come before where so many different movies crossover so epically every once in a while. I guess DC keeps trying to do things like this but never quite finding the right tone or audience with their movies.

I think I’ll talk a bit about DC vs Marvel for a second. Truthfully, if anyone remembers, before Iron Man came out, DC was the place to be when it came to each universes’ movies. The original Superman and Batman movies are still classics and great adaptations of their comic book counterparts. Christopher Nolan’s the Dark Knight Trilogy was amazing too when that came out. Before Spiderman and X-Men, there wasn’t ever a good Marvel movie and most of them were direct-to-video if anyone even remembers those terrible movies. Oh, wait, except Blade. I always forget about Blade. Man that movie is awesome!… Anyway, Spiderman and X-men were okay, but at the time I think everyone could agree that Batman was better, and no one really took them seriously anyway. That is, until Iron Man came out and Disney showed everyone that they still knew how to make fun movies, and also proved that superhero movies could be more than just two hours of action tropes. It also made a kagillion dollars and then when Avengers came out it was the highest grossing movie ever. So that’s when DC stopped caring about content so much and tried really hard to make their own franchise IN THE LINE OF MARVEL! But the reason it doesn’t work so much is because it’s trying too hard to do what works for them in the comics, being darker and pushing the envelope, but they also are COPYING MARVEL! It’s obvious when they do it and their movies suffer for it. They need to just do their own thing and stop chasing Marvel’s coattails. They struggle to find an audience because they keep rejecting their true fans for bigger game.

Why to watch it: That rant went on too long, my bad. Um, this movie was awesome and had almost no problems.


+7.5: Great superhero movie

-0.5: maybe just a bit too much exposition

+1: this movie works on almost every level

+1: Great use of every character

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