0166: Cat People (1942)

Cat People.jpg

Rating: 4/10



I’ve never heard of this movie before but it was very popular for its time. Apparently it was in theaters for so long that many critics who gave it a bad review initially got to see it again and gave it a better review later, that’s a fun fact I stole from the IMdb trivia page.

This movie has a really slow start. Being that this movie is only 1 hour 15 minutes in length I’m guessing this is more for padding than anything else. Still, it takes a bit too long to really get into it and I think people will be left aching to “get to the friggin’ Cat People” as the band Tripod might say. I mean, come on. If you have a movie called Cat People, don’t take so long to show me some Cat People. I mean, Jaws started eating people practically right away, Star Wars started with with a space ship shooting at another space ship, I don’t know, if this movie was called “Mystery Woman” or something instead and I didn’t know about the Cat People, I wouldn’t be aching so much to get to the fucking Cat People, God Dammit! I’m pissed!

Movies can be ruined by their advertising. Have you seen the Descent? Movie about a group of women who like spelunking in their spare time? Well, when I saw it I really liked it as an indie film with a twist. But I hadn’t seen any of the trailers and didn’t know that the twist in the movie was the only thing the advertisements focused on. So, when they should have just shown women having problems while cave diving and maybe alluded just a little bit to what was to come. It would have been an awesome twist, instead they’re just like this is *SPOILER/D ALREADY BY THE TRAILER* a monster movie because that sells more tickets.

Here, the advertising is just the poster, seen above, which tells me, at the very least, that there should be fucking Cat People in this fucking movie called Cat People. Also, something about a curse? Which is never mentioned from what I remember. The poster was the advertising in those days, before TV was invented or at least not popular so most people would decide to watch a movie when they got to the theater and pick from the posters. I might have enjoyed this movie more, I think, if I didn’t see poster first and they called it something more akin to the Noir movie this film really is.

Why you should watch it before you die: Noir with some monster-movie aspects is kinda cool actually. I guess I could see why some reviewers would probably like this more on a second viewing. Just know this isn’t a traditional monster movie, it’s more of a Noir with some pacing issues.


+5: Decent noir movie with a twist

-1: Said twist is ruined by the advertising/name

-1: “Get to the fucking monkey” syndrome

+1: Pretty good story that’s probably better on a second viewing

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