0133: Gone With the Wind (1939)

Gone With the Wind.jpg

Rating: 4/10

As far as movies go, this one is four hours long. Meaning, I’m going to be especially unforgiving about anything in this movie that wastes my time. My own rule, and I’ve said this before, movies should be as long as they have to be, no more and no less, okay, sometimes less actually because you don’t always need everything. Anyway…

What stands out in this movie are the great shots. The cinematography is not only top notch but really revolutionary for its time. I also think that the costumes and colors are all done beautifully to make for some great shots and set pieces.

This movie starts out boring and then continues boringly until the end, aside from an exciting scene or two. I get that this is what the books about it’s not its fault that it’s based on a boring story. I just don’t care about Scarlet, at all. I’m sorry, she seems spoiled and all the bad things that happen to her throughout the film doesn’t make her any less spoiled, which is really weird. It’s like she’s just stubbornly doing her best to not change in any way even though the entire world changes around her.

The one person I do like is Scarlet’s black servant, played very well by Hattie McDaniel, the first black person to win an Academy Award for any reason, in this case, Best Supporting Actress for her role in this movie. A win she totally deserved.

I guess I should point out the acting is all fine, really it is, it’s not the actors or actresses faults that their characters aren’t very likable, or the script not very interesting, outside of a few scenes. Really this feels like a movie made by rich snobs for rich snobs but it’s one of those things that’s a “classic” and “historical” so it has to be good. Right? Right? Okay well no, we know from watching A Birth of a Nation that just because something is historically significant doesn’t mean people should watch it…

Why you should watch it before you die: To check out Hattie McDaniel’s historical performance, though she’s not in nearly enough scenes.


+5: Adequate

+1: Great cinematography, set design, and costumes

+1: Hattie McDaniel

-2: Too God Damned long

-1: Boring/uninteresting

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