Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2.jpg

Rating: 10/10

Cable, Deadpool’s best frenemy, joins the fray in this film that does an impressive follow-up to the original. It might even be better than the original as it doesn’t fall immediately into many superhero cliches as the first one does. Deadpool 2 takes every expectation you have and turning it upside down.

Actually, the advertising on this movie was pretty genius. Setting it up like it might any other superhero franchise, showing you things that are probably going to happen, Deadpool puts a team together, to fight Cable, and people from the first movie are in it again. What’s great about that is that the trailer both doesn’t spoil anything, and also totally lies to you. This isn’t false advertising in that it pretends this movie is something it isn’t (like making it look like it’s a drama or something) instead it’s just setting you up to then subvert your expectations and making the whole thing a surprise.

Also, it uses the R-rating really well for the best humor and some pretty gory action, something the first one didn’t have and I don’t know if the first one needs it but it works really well here I think. I also really liked the action throughout the movie, something that was fine in the first movie but you could tell it was underfunded and they were doing the best they could with what they had. Here though, with more funding they’re able to really go all out with this action. It’s awesome.

Man, I can’t wait to see this movie again actually. There’s so much going for it and I think, much like the first one, I could probably watch it over and over again forever. I guess I’ll see when I get the DVD.

I’m having a hard time thinking of anything that I really found wrong with this movie. This is a common problem for me whenever I see something for the first time So here’s some complaints about other things: Why isn’t Deadpool in the MCU? Come on Disney, hurry up and buy Fox Studios already. I just really want Deadpool to suddenly show up in other movies and quip at people. Also Cable could fight Thanos, that would be confusing as they’re both played by Josh Brolin. Or Deadpool could fight Tony Stark but they were only allowed to quip at each other. Or he could show up in the Netflix shows and fight Daredevil just because they kinda look alike. Man, really Deadpool should be everywhere, all the time, breaking the fourth wall and making fun of everything. I would love that (okay, maybe only I would love that…).

Why you should watch it: Like many sequels, if you liked the first one you probably already saw this movie, so I’m just preaching to the choir. This is one of the best comic book movies I think I’ve ever seen, so really if you’re interested in the genre at all you might want to check this one out.


+10: Humorous, fun, action-packed, Deadpooled, awesome movie

-0:  Some of the humor might be too dark for certain people, perfect for me though

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