0553: Red Psalm (1972)


Rating: 0/10

This will mark the first Hungarian film I’ve ever seen. But I immediately started having “Wicker Man” vibes from the get-go. It’s probably all the singing, which seems out of place really, being that this mostly is a movie about a group of farmers going on strike in 1890s Hungary. The scenes are long, usually have singing, but otherwise don’t go anywhere and aren’t about anything. And I’m not sure the songs fit the feel of the rest of the film. They usually sound happy and have a kind of “we’re in this together” feel to it but the rest of the movie feels like everyone is depressed or dying. Really this is a movie about the confrontation of rights between the individual and the country, shown through the eyes of the ones suffering the most from what seems like a dystopian place and time period to live in, but the songs just don’t work. Also, neither does anything else…

Many of the scenes seem very random, much like a few films I’ve seen not too long ago. Here it all has a common theme of showing what people are doing as this strike continues to go on, but as to the question of “does this movie have a plot?” I would say: not really. It’s mostly a series of music videos that the video doesn’t match the music and there’s excessive female nudity. I guess that’s a plus in terms of me getting at least some enjoyment out of watching this, but as to telling a story, the nudity doesn’t add or subtract anything at all.

Okay, I’ve figured it out, this movie is trying to be artsy and thinks that being “artsy” means you don’t have to have a real plot, or a story, or dialogue that makes sense, just throw some naked chicks in there and sing a bunch of songs and have this vague feeling that it’s supposed to about a farmer’s strike from the 1890s and claim it’s political or something and maybe he’d make some money. At the very least he could get some women to take their tops off.

Why you should watch this before you die: I don’t know, you like Hungarian music? I would just claim wasn’t a movie and not score it but I’ve rated a few things that were less movies at this point, so…


+1: A movie that just made me go “Huh?” for an hour and a half

+1: some of the music was decent, though out of place

-1: So, so many pointless scenes

-1: Nothing about this movie makes sense

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