0778: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

Ferris Bueller's Day Off.jpg

Rating: 8.5/10

Nothing says 80s cinema like John Hughes, though he might be a bit more well-known for making somewhat cheesy romances, he also made a fair amount of comedies almost all of which helped make the movies of the 80s and early 90s what they were.

Here we have one of Matthew Broderick’s most famous roles, Ferris Bueller, a kind of class clown who decides he’s going to take a sick day, and then goes through a series of increasingly crazy events in order to make the most of it.

The story is tight, the pacing is good (outside of a few places), and the comedy is smart and hilarious. This movie has something for everyone and can probably be watched by all ages. They also use a lot of good music, both of the time period and an awesome original score, is used well to influence the scenes and enhance the comedy. I also really like the dynamic going throughout the movie of showing what’s happening at the school with the principal who believes that Ferris is his rival and just how far he’ll go to prove he’s, once again, just skipping school.

There isn’t a whole lot of problems with this movie. There’s a few bits that I felt could have been trimmed, or maybe removed altogether. There’s a couple scenes involving Cameron, Ferris’ best friend, and how he doesn’t like his father, and then they explain that a few times in a few separate scenes. I feel the same way about the scenes involving Ferris’ sister, Jeanie, and how much she hates Ferris, even going so far as to use voiceover narration of her thoughts, but it doesn’t tell us anything new and neither of these things are really that funny. Sometimes it’s okay to reiterate something in a movie, like when you get sidetracked on a secondary plotline and need to let people know that the main plot is still happening, or when you need to let people know about somebody’s character arc when you haven’t even seen them since the beginning of the film. And maybe 3 or 4 other reasons,  but the way they do it here, the scenes being so close together in both the Cameron-hates-his-father and Jeanie-hates-her-brother storylines that it just feels like redundant information that makes the scenes useless.

My other complaint is simple, it loses the already loose plot for a bit in the second act. It doesn’t quite fall into my 2nd-act doldrums though as it is still fairly entertaining.


+9: Great story and comedy as only John Hughes could do

+1: Awesome use of music throughout

-1: a few redundant and unnecessary scenes

-0.5: Loses the plot just a bit

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