My List: The Incredibles (2004)

The Incredibles

Rating: 10+/10

This movie is not only a great homage to superheroes and the comics of the 1960s but it’s one of the best superhero movies ever made (in 2004, I would have considered it the best superhero movie). It has quick character development, I like the use of the news to indicate long passages of time. I like that in every scene it tells a lot by telling only a little. This is something that’s exceptionally well-written, voice-acted, and animated and it’s so good they make it look like they’re not even trying. They make it look easy, this is how you make a movie. It’s so simple.

It’s kind of interesting really, after watching so many random films, watching this is like a splash of cold water in my face. You know what makes a scene good? If you have the scene itself tell it’s own story. It has a beginning, middle, and end, and you could watch JUST THAT SCENE and get a sense of a complete story. Do you know how hard this is for a screenwriter to do? It’s super simple and easy! And yet I find myself seeing all kinds of movies that can’t even give me a normal sense of having a beginning, middle, and end…

I don’t want to start ranting about other movies, I’m too busy jerking off the Incredibles. Wait, that came out wrong. I meant to say that I’m too busy “having sex” with the “Incredible family,” and I’m giving them all my “STDs.” Which is a term I made up for Superhero-Talking-points-and-Descriptoview (Descriptive-Review, I heard it was a good name by my Analrapist (Analyst-Therapist) Tobias).

I like how this movie combines it’s story about superheroes with the tropes of a marriage where all the spice has gone out of it. But then it’s put back in when everyone starts being superheroes again, and then a few twists later it becomes an action-packed, thrill ride with a considerably greater amount of death than you’d probably expect in a kid’s movie.

I wonder if this movie had anything to do with Disney buying Marvel? It kind of feels like a precursor to their Marvel franchise, and it’s probably the best Fantastic Four movie we’ll ever get despite not actually starring them. Also they replaced Human Torch with the Flash, but he’s better so I’m cool with it.

Why you should watch it before you die: If you like superheroes at all, this is highly recommend.

+10: Great superhero movie that feels more realistic than every other superhero movie despite being animated, also with higher stakes despite being a kid’s movie.

++: This movie would be another I consider perfect, I don’t know if there should be something special I should say when that happens? Or some kind of ceremony? But really I just think that every single movie should be perfect. I mean, it’s so easy. Just make a movie that’s entertaining throughout without any mistakes. Come on! It’s super simple right? Right?

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