0936: Toy Story 2 (1999)

Toy Story 2.jpg

Rating: 9/10

Ah, Toy Story 2, the movie that asked the question: Can Disney force Pixar to poop out a sequel of its most profitable product that’s just as good as the original? Then answers it as Hells Yeah! It’s Pixar! Anyway, this movie is a really great follow-up to the original and, as I’ve been assured by random conspiracy theorists on the internet, is also correct predictive programming that Disney would one day acquire the Star Wars Universe! So you can also look for all the coded illuminati messages throughout as you watch it! Don’t you get it? Buzz Lightyear? Buzz has a Double-ZZ?! ZZ=22, 2+2 is 4, 4×4 is 16, 16+1 flipped upside down is 911! Don’t you get it? It’s so obvious now!

Aside from that totally factual information, this movie does a really good job of taking western tropes, kids movie tropes, and combining them with the stylings of Pixar and their trademark visual comedy. Also, this movie has some of the best referential comedy I’ve seen in any movie. I especially love the visuals of Jurassic Park thrown in randomly when Rex falls out of Barbies dream van, and many more!

I have to say, Joan Crawford as Jessie really steals the show of every scene she’s in. She’s not a funny character by any means, but unlike most of the other toys, she’s one of the few characters that feels real and even more human than most actual humans. I really feel for her character and for her storyline throughout.

My complaints: the storyline with Rex trying to beat a final boss in a video game is blatantly shoe-horned in there. I feel like someone at Disney was like “but all the kids are playing these dang-fangled videor-games! By jove, we’ve got to get some of that action!” And ordered, through the power of Satan, that Pixar force the simplest video game related plotline they could of Rex wanting to beat a boss and can’t do it. I guess the “climax,” if you can even call it that, of this storyline is decent but I know Pixar can make anything interesting. Doing something like this just doesn’t feel very Pixar.

The other complaint I had was the transition into the third act feels really hastily brushed over, minor spoilers: Jessie and the Prospector have convinced Woody to not go back to Andy and go to the museum. Jessie is traumatized by her last owner growing too old for toys, but then, all of a sudden, Woody changes his mind, and tells Jessie that she should come with him back to Andy anyway and she’s all like, sure whatever. And then— wait what? What was all that set up with her for without some kind of emotional climax or something? Sigh…

Why you should watch it before you die: If you liked the first one, then you’ll love this one. What else should I say? I mean, it’s a sequel. I assume you watched the first one first. Who the hell watches the second movie before the first? Really? Seriously? What the hell?


+10: Great kids movie, like most Pixar flicks

-1: Weird Rex storyline that isn’t that funny and doesn’t really fit with the rest of it

-1: Clunky transition into third act

+1: Joan Cusack’s performance

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