Ant-Man (2015)


Rating: [8/10]

Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) gets out of jail and wants to go on the straight path but unfortunately can’t find a job because he’s an ex-con and Baskin-Robbins always finds out. Will he ever find a job or will he turn back to his life of crime and conveniently steal the Ant-Man suit as his first heist? Only you can decide! Also it’s it’s the second thing. This movie does some cool stuff though and makes things as normal as a bathroom exciting and adventurous simply because our hero is very, very small.

This movie proves to me that Marvel Studios can take any character they own, even a D-Lister like Ant-Man, and make them cool and have a comprehensive story about them. I can’t wait until they have a movie where the Great Lakes Avengers fight Lady Stilt-Man! It’s going to be awesome! Even better than when Ant-Man fights Falcon in this movie! Okay, maybe not because that’s actually a pretty cool part despite, you know, it being Ant-Man fighting Falcon. Could a fight exist in the Marvel universe that only the most die-hard fans could care about? The Great Lakes Avengers versus Lady Stilt-Man perhaps?

The comedy in this movie is great when it happens, same for the action. Unfortunately between these great scenes are ones bogged down with too much exposition. It’s not terrible but you could easily have trimmed, well, practically all of it, really. I don’t know why Marvel thinks they should make every movie at least two and a half hours long, but I guess it doesn’t stop me from giving all my money to Marvel every time another movie comes out. God, when is that Great Lakes Avengers movie coming out? Even though I only know they have a character known as Big Bertha on the team, that, as far as I know, has the power to suddenly transform into a really fat woman. And Lady Stilt-Man would be great as a villain as she has the power of being on stilts! And that’s all! Yet I bet Marvel making that movie would still make me want to see the sequels and have the GLA appear all across the marvel cinematic universe. Also, I bet Big Bertha’s awesome onscreen and all the ladies will start dressing as her instead of Catwoman on Halloween probably.

Why you should watch it: If you’re a fan of Marvel movies and want to watch another one then you should watch this why not?


+7: Pretty good though kinda follows the Marvel movie formula we’ve seen a number of times already

+1: Great comedy

+1: Awesome action

-1: Too much exposition

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