1197: 13th (2016)


Rating: 10+/10

Well, while watching the last movie it made me think about racism in the past and now I can watch this movie and think about how racist America is in the present. So, what’s going on? We’re basically living in a world of freedom, unless you’re a criminal, then you have no rights. Basically, since slavery was made illegal, we still need a slave class, so criminals are the new slave. This documentary shows the evolution of this from since DW Griffith made Birth of Nation up to today and how we’ve used the media to vilify African Americans and insure that they remain the most repressed people in America, and now the fuel for this evil prison corporation.

Truthfully, it is super ironic and strange that what this documentary shows is that the criminals in charge are making all their money off of criminals. This documentary is downright scary, really, because it affects everyone who isn’t a part of the top 1% of the tax bracket. At any time you could be forced away from your family to become slave labor, or just to be there in a prison to take up space and make money for the people who need it the least. But what can anyone do about it? We’ve put all our faith into the dollar, money has become the new god. And thus we’ve given these people all of our power, and power corrupts. The world has become this way out of greed. How does one counter something so rampant and so powerful? Can people so corrupted be saved? Well, I guess if you tried they’d probably just vilify you in the press and incarcerate you before you can do any further damage at best.

So what happens now?

Why you should watch it before you die: I think everyone living in America today should watch this. It’s that important of a film that shows you the history of the prison industrial complex from its inception to today.


10+: An important documentary that’s expertly made

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