0303: Hill 24 Doesn’t Answer (1955)

Hill 24 Doesn't Answer.jpg

Rating: -6/10

This is the first movie to be made in the newly founded Israel. I think that’s the reason it’s on this list, and the only reason, as what you don’t get is a comprehensive movie, instead it’s more like if someone watched a bunch of war movies as they both learned screenplay format and how to write at the same time. The pacing is all over the place, the story is also all over the place, the acting is mediocre at best, the plot is anti-climatic as the first thing that happens is you watch all the main characters die in a bombing, then we flashback as someone explains actual history for a while after this, that guy goes away forever, one guys asks the only white guy a question and then we flash back again to where the real story begins and now we have Voice-Over Narration for a flashback in a flashback and, and, hahah, ahahahahaha, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

This is a movie that I did not think I would experience on this list. It’s one that at first started enraging me just by how bad it was until I found myself smiling and then laughing by just how bad it was. This is a B-Movie, it’s not good, not by any means, but it’s so bad that something inside my brain just starts enjoying all the terrible decisions made by the writer, director, producer, actors, or whoever else got to make decisions while this movie was in production.

The story is that a crew of rebels for the formation of a new country are killed horribly, then we learn the story of how they were formed and what they had to go through as they try to live and love in a world that hates them. Also, it has a lot of conflicting tropes from the spy, romance, drama, and action genres all mixed up with equally mixed results.

It surprises me that this movie is on this list while real “greats” of B-movie-dom, like Plan 9 From Outer Space or the Room. This was isn’t nearly as “good” as those, and keeps slipping from true terribleness into being just simply bad. I suspect this is more on the list because of the significance of it being the first Israeli film than anything else. But I’m sure they have better examples than this of what I’m sure is an impressive film industry.

Also, this movie gets a negative score, which is equal to it’s positive score purely for enjoyment value and nothing else.

Why you should watch it before you die: If you have parties with friends for the purpose of making fun of movies, I think this would be perfect for that as there are a lot of scenes that could use a little Tom Servo and Crooooow! treatment to make it “better.”


+2: Tries too hard to be “good,” succeeding rarely

-1: Terrible pacing

-1: Terrible directing

-1: Bad acting from (almost) everyone

-1: Bad writing

-1: Terrible dialogue

-1: Bad scenes that should feel bad

-1: What’s up with all the voice-over narration and fade ins?

-1: Every time there are subtitles to translate a non-English language there’s someone in a white shirt to block out part of the white with a white border subtitles

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