Scoring (for real this time)

I made another scoring post a while ago but mostly just ranted about…something. I’m not even sure, anyway:

0-0.5: F/F+ (examples: Red Psalm, Dangerous LiaisonsMovies that either fail on all counts (except for one specific thing for the 0.5 score) or I honestly don’t understand the movie or its purpose

1-1.5: D- (examples: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Birth of a NationMovies that are enjoyable in at least some way but something about them drags them down, way down.

2-2.5: (examples: Manchester by the Sea, My Own Private IdahoMovies that only mostly fail.

3-3.5: D+ (examples: The Towering Inferno, High Plains DrifterGets into the territory of a good film, but is dragged down by certain creative decisions.

4-4.5: C- (examples: Avatar, Gone with the WindMovies that usually remind me that I’d rather be watching other movies

5-5.5: (examples: Titanic, Midnight CowboyMovies that pass the movie quota set forth by movie-dom.

6-6.5: C+/B- (examples: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, SerpicoFilms that are on this side of good but there are better movies out there

7-7.5: (examples: Guardians of the Galaxy, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate FactoryGood, but not great, films

8-8.5: B+ (examples: Ghostbusters, Toy StoryYou know that phrase, 90% of everything is crap? This is where that other 10% begins.

9-9.5: A- (examples: The Cabin in the Woods, AlienMovies that are truly great in terms of movies, with very few other films better

10: (examples: Psycho, The Grand Budapest Hotel) Films of their own calibur that will be watched forever until the last human dies

10+: A+ (examples: Back to the Future, Inglourious BasterdsFilms of an even higher calibur that will be talked about forever until all the aliens who study our culture die

NOTE: Movies that get a negative score (like Hill 24 Doesn’t Answer) are B-Movies. They should be considered the equivalent of their positive equivalent, but for ENJOYMENT FACTOR ALONE! Otherwise, they are worse than the worst movies on this, or any other, list.

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