The 10 most memorable movies of the first 100 on the list that I’ve seen

That’s quite a title huh? You probably think I should have shortened it, but tough! It’s my blog! And you know what I’m going to add the 5 most forgettable movies too! And you’re just going to have to deal with it! Jerk!

So 100 hundred titles down as I go through this overlong list that will continue to grow once a year until nobody cares anymore. As to why I’m focusing just on that which is “memorable” instead of how much I liked something, well, if you want to know how much I liked something just look at what I scored it. And I think it’s almost more important what sticks with us in films rather than what our initial viewing of something tells us. I mean, I’ve seen a hell of a lot of movies that I realized I didn’t like or didn’t hate nearly as much as I thought I did the first time.

For Future Me in case I do something like this again, this goes from A Trip to the Moon to Hill 24 Doesn’t Answer.

Okay, this is the top 10 most memorable and the 5 most forgettable films I’ve seen so far on the 1,001 Films to See Before You Die! For the memorable parts I’m going to mix memorable for both good and bad reasons, so watch out!

5th Forgetable:

The Towering InfernoTHE TOWERING INFERNO: Mostly I just remember the stunts in this movie, as for plot, acting quality, or anything else? There was a burning building, I think?

10th Memorable:

High Plains Drifter HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER: I remember this movie having some messages about women and rape I’d rather not repeat here.

9th Memorable:

Dangerous Liaisons DANGEROUS LIAISONS: Another bad one that I think I’ll forever remember as just being really, really bad. I think everyone planning on making a period piece should watch this just to know what not to do.

4th Forgettable:

Cat People CAT PEOPLE: I only really remember that there was hardly any “cat people” in the whole movie.

8th Memorable:

PsychoPSYCHO: One of the most well-made movies, you could call this the thriller all other thrillers strive to be. No, that doesn’t mean you should film a shot-for-shot remake of this movie, that would be ridiculous!

7th Memorable:

A Trip to the Moon A TRIP TO THE MOON: I watched this movie when I first started the site and I immediately loved it. I only hoped every movie on the list would be like this. Ah, how naive I was. Those were the days just a few months ago, those were the days.

3rd Forgettable:

Scorpio RisingSCORPIO RISING: I remember liking the soundtrack but can’t really tell you what the songs were. Also, I either don’t remember the plot or this movie really didn’t have one. Did nothing happen in this movie?

6th Memorable:

Die Hard DIE HARD: I’m sorry to say this, because I do really like this movie, but it will forever be tarnished knowing there’s 20-30 minutes in Die Hard which really isn’t that good.

5th Memorable:

FrankensteinFRANKENSTEIN: I think, thanks to this movie, that I am now a Frankenstein fan and would probably watch anything they tried to do with the character in the hopes it will make me feel like this movie did. I wonder Bride of Frankenstein is just as good.

2nd Forgettable:

Seven Chances SEVEN CHANCES: I know this Buster Keaton flick was about him trying to get married or something but I can’t remember if it was any good or not. Maybe I’ll read my review of it after this…

4th Memorable:

Things to Come THINGS TO COME: Though I didn’t give this a good score initially, I’m still both surprised and impressed by how much HG Wells god right in the things that took place after this movie came out.

3rd Memorable:

Me and My Gal ME AND MY GAL: An odd mix of many genres that works well for this early cop-drama-comedy-noire-romance movie.

1st Forgettable:

In a Lonely Place IN A LONELY PLACE: I forgot Bogart was in this movie and now that I’m looking at the poster again I’m pretty sure the things I thought I remembered about this movie I’m actually confusing with To Have and Have Not. Also apparently Martha Stewart is in this movie, but that can’t be right, can it?

2nd Memorable:

The Birth of a Nation THE BIRTH OF A NATION: This film has left a bad taste in my mouth that I don’t think any amount of toothpaste will get rid of. It’s overall racist and whitewashing historical revisionist messages, and that it was the biggest blockbuster of its time, just what the hell is wrong with people!? Anyway, the ripples of this movie are still felt today, and maybe it will always be there.

1st Memorable:

Fantasia FANTASIA: I know I gave this a funky rating initially, and I should probably go back and re-review it now that I’ve developed a better scoring system, and maybe I will someday. But I think I’ll always remember this film as being something that was totally unique unto itself and could never quite be replicated ever again. It was as magical as it was musical and it just worked in its own way. I don’t know if that magic could ever be captured again, even if you do reuse the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in it…

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