The Batman vs. Dracula (2005)

Batman vs. Dracula.jpg

Rating: 7.5/10

This is it people, the battle for the ages! And guaranteed to be the best movie where Batman versus something in its title! This is a young Batman versus a very old, vampire demigod! You know everything without me saying anything but here’s the plot anyway!: Penguin and Joker break out of Arkham and then Dracula happens! What did you expect?!

Okay, as straight-to-video, animated movies go, this was better than it should be, since  most people, myself included, will only watch it because of the title. Though this is based on a TV show, having never seen it or even heard of it before now, I can safely say you don’t need to know anything about it in order to enjoy this movie. Just as long as you know a bit about the Batman story, like who Penguin and Joker are, and expect a movie that’s made mostly for children (though it’s probably too scary for most kids).

As far as the story goes, this movie hardly meanders on anything. There is a bit after the action-packed opening where it gives us a little backstory, but doesn’t last long before scenes of Dracula taunting Bruce Wayne or Batman sneaking around and then punching stuff. The dialogue is a little schlocky, but it makes a good match with the schlockyness of the concept. I mean, it’s Batman versus Dracula…

The animation is a bit off-putting at first with it’s jagged lines and odd angles but works perfectly for what turns into a good mix of horror and insanity. The music, too, is good for the tone throughout and is orchestrated beautifully. Man, everything in this film actually, the tone, story, and music of the movie is consistent. I’m not giving points just for consistency but that’s more than what I can say about any DC movies since Nolan’s first two Batman films, except for maybe Wonder Woman…..maybe.

A few complaints, Dracula introduces himself as Mr. Alucard or something, and it takes everyone way too long to realize this is Dracula backwards. Also, this particular name reversal has been done to death what with most Castlevania games and any anime with a vampire in it.

It also runs into the 2nd-act doldrums a bit as Batman struggles to find a cure to being a vampire-zombie. Much like the meandering in the first act, it’s over quickly. Oh, also I feel like everyone knows why Batman is Batman, and at first I thought they were doing it well by having Vicki Vale looking over some old files of Bruce Wayne and showing some paper clippings of his parents’ funeral, with headline’s reading how Joe Chill shot Tom and Martha Wayne in cold blo- “MARTHA!!!” Oh god, sorry, I forgot Superman had super-sonic hearing. “MARTHAAA!!!!” Sorry… I didn’t mean to upset anyone.

Why you should watch it: Batman fights Dracula in this animated-superhero-horror-kids-action movie. It’s better than you think!


+7: This movie delivers as Batman fights Dracula through pretty much this whole movie and not for just 2 minutes in the middle of it before they decide they’re friends or something. That would just be ridiculou- “MARTHAAAA!!!” I guess Superman’s still out there. I wonder why he’s so upset?

+1: Good animation and music that keeps a consistent dark tone throughout the movie

+1: Good mix of horror and action

-1: Some slow points

-0.25: Alucard? Come on!

-0.25: Having an unnecessary flashback when they already introduced the backstory when Thomas Wayne and, um, “Batman’s Mom” were killed so we don’t need anothe- “Batman’s mom is dead! WHHHAAAAAAAHHHH!” Oh god, I’ve upset Skippy in a reference that only I get. “SHE’S DEAD! WHAAAAAHHH!!” “MARTHAAA!!!” Well, I’ve made a mess of things. Time to leave…

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