0109: A Day in the Country (1936)

A Day in the Country.jpg

Rating: 9.5/10

This is a French film, that was made just before the Nazi’s took over France. Because of this, all the shooting was done in 1936 and it couldn’t be finished or released until about 10 years later. It’s also only about half of a film because they had to stop shooting what with Hitler invading and everything. Stupid Nazis! Ruining what was probably going revolutionize cinema forever!

Actually, though I meant that last part as a joke, I think this film is actually very well shot and acted and feels juxtaposed from some other time period. Truthfully if someone put this on and told me it was a short, indie flick from France in the 90s I would believe them since everything in this movie, the camera work, acting, directing, whatever-else-ing, is put together in a way that feels more like the independent cinema of the nineties than a light-hearted comedy of the 30s. It shows the dynamic of human relationships through many different perspectives as we experience their day in the country.

Plotwise, this movie is simple and sweet, and it mostly shows people as one family picnics in the countryside and the people they meet on the way. A couple of men take it upon themselves to seduce the wife and daughter in the family. Okay, maybe not so sweet but it’s so lighthearted that it feels more or less innocent.

Why you should watch it before you die: Well, aside from being shorter than an episode of the Flash, this stands out as a unique movie from the 30s.


+8: Great short film ahead of its time

+1: Superb acting and great editing

-0.5: Ending is a little forced but that’s more than understandable considering the circumstances

+1: Bonus point for killing Hitler, not that the French did, but I’m assuming he killed himself once he realized this movie would never be finished because of his stupid invasion. It’s the only logical explanation.

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