0915: Clerks (1994)


Rating: 10/10

Ah, the first Kevin Smith film, and surprisingly the only one on the list. I just expected Dogma and Chasing Amy to be on there but whatever, more for my list later. Anyway, this is a very special movie for me because it was the indie flick that showed me, and the rest of America, that you didn’t need to have money or be famous in order to make a movie that people would watch. You just had to make a damn good movie, something many indie filmmaker’s didn’t take into account after this movie became popular and they tried to ride in on its coattails.

This movie is about the day in the life of a Quickstop employee who isn’t even supposed to be here today! It’s a movie about the working class and how they’re basically shit on by the people they’re forced to suck up to for minimum wage. It’s also a movie that’s totally honest, something that’s kind of lacking in more recent Kevin Smith film. I guess it was easier to write about being a working class stiff who’s pissed at the world when you were a working class stiff pissed at the world. The comedy comes from a mix of crazy characters, including the iconic Jay and Silent Bob, and amazing dialogue as only Kevin Smith could write.

This movie also showcases some great music, most of which was probably just from among Kevin Smith’s friends in New Jersey, but it’s still pretty great music, especially that now iconic Chewbacca song.

Why you should watch it before you die: I do really like the style of this movie, it feels just as indie as it is, which is something else that makes it feel true-to-life. It’s just one day at work, one totally crazy day where everything just keeps getting worse, then it ends on a totally messed up, but kind of positive, note.


+8: A movie that stands out, even among the greatest blockbusters

+1: Good comedy and dialogue

+1: Great soundtrack

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