The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)

The LEGO Batman Movie

Rating: 7.5/10

This movie is one of those things where you think there’s no way that can be good, just like we all thought when we heard about the original LEGO Movie. But then it comes forth and has a lot of heart and a lot of comedy and is overall just a damn good movie, just like the original. True, it’s for kids, and it’s not as good as the first big screen LEGO production, but I would still recommend to anyone, of any age, who is any kind of Batman fan.

This movie has this way of being very nostalgic for every other Batman product out there while also being a great parody of the franchise as a whole. I like the story of Batman needing to finally get over his parents deaths and learn to accept his new adopted “Bat-Family” and stop being such a loner. It works in its own kind of way, and creates a story that’s heartfelt even if it’s all just a bunch of LEGOs.

Speaking of which, the LEGO animation is really good. It actually looks like everything is made out of LEGOs while all the otherwise crazy, Batman-styled action is going on. Though this movie isn’t quite as good as its predecessor, it’s the best thing Batman has done since the Dark Knight and I’d be curious to see any other collaborations done between LEGO and DC in the future.

Something else I wanted to compliment was the voice acting. Will Arnett is good as the titular Batman but the ones that stand out to me are Michael Cera as Robin and Zach Galifianakis as the Joker, if only because they didn’t sound anything like themselves and it’s nice to see when big Hollywood actors can act just as well (or even better) with just their voice. I also really liked Rosario Dawson, I like it when actors switch from a Marvel product to a DC one, or vice-versa, I don’t know why. And knowing that Claire the Night Nurse from the Netflix-Marvel shows is secretly LEGO Batgirl just makes me happy.

Also, this is something that just amuses me to know end. This movie has a Brick Joke in it that’s been “going on” longer than I’ve been alive. If you don’t know, a brick joke is a joke that just takes a very, very long time to get to the punchline (here’s an explanation from TVtropes), here, the Shark-Repellent-Bat-Spray from the original Adam West Batman movie comes back as first an object Batman gives Robin because it’s “useless” then Robin ends up using it at a hilarious time.

I have a couple complaints, the first act is a bit slow as it struggles to find a point. The plotline of all the villains turning themselves in just because they Joker is upset that Batman won’t admit he’s his worst enemy is a bit foolish. And then when Batman is trying desperately to send Joker to the Phantom Zone is just a bit weird and feels somewhat forced. It sets up what happens in the rest of the movie, but if I had just watched the first act of this movie and the power went out, I don’t think I would feel obligated to finish once the lights came back on.

Also, has Alfred ever been an older Batman in any other media? That’s such a good idea I’m taking points off every other Batman product for not doing it first.

Why you should watch it: If you’re a fan of any version of Batman, you would probably enjoy this movie.


+6: Best Batman comedy to date that’s a fun followup to the LEGO Movie

+1: Great voice acting

+1: 50+ year brick joke

-1.5: First act is slow and not strong on plot

+1: Alfred as old Batman is just a really good idea

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