Box o’ Rando: Leap!


Rating: 6.5/10

This was a pretty good animated movie except for one thing. The main focus is on a young girl following her dream to become a ballet dancer, but almost all the music is modern day pop music, I think, I’m actually not sure what’s popular right now. Is Techno still a thing? How about Disco? Are there kids on my lawn? Because they gotta go before I shake my cane at them.

Anyway, this was a good movie outside of that fact. I mean, there’s so much ballet music but you know, pop is what’s in. Also, the nutcracker, which is a big thing about who’s going to dance in it, should sound like the nutcracker! Are you trying to make stupid people believe this is what the Nutcracker sounds like!? God!

Okay, enough complaining, this was a pretty good movie storywise, animation, and voice acting. I liked that every character had an arc and almost every character was more than just a stereotype.  That is aside from one of the villains who didn’t learn anything and was basically just villainous the whole time. I’m not going to deduct points for that because most kids movies have a villain like this, though it’s a bit lazy storywise.

Random Thoughts: I’d say this movie was nearly perfect if they just used more ballet music…


+7.5: Decently entertaining throughout

-1: Wrong music

-1: Super wrong music for Nutcracker bit

+1: (mostly) good characterization

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