Arrow Season 2

Arrow Season 2.jpg

Rating: 7.5/10

Once again, spoilers follow.

After the death of a friend, Arrow decides that he can no longer go around murdering people, even if they deserve it. As he develops a new way of doing things, his team grows as a new threat to Starling City is discovered: a deadly drug that turns the people who use it into mindless killing machines. It’s also being produced by an old enemy, one from Oliver’s past life on the island of Lian Yu…Okay, it’s Deathstroke.

This season has a noticeable upgrade in production value and the action and martial arts specifically look and feel like a great improvement from what there was in the first season. Here they took a focus of much more action and much less melodrama and it only works for the betterment of the series.

Though at first it felt like they took all of Tommy’s whininess and gave it all to Laurel but her part gets a bit better about halfway through the season, but only a bit. Getting rid of Tommy though was an improvement in my honest opinion. He was just a part of the show that didn’t quite work. Maybe in something like a high school teen drama but he clashed significantly with this gritty superhero program. I’m glad they did something with Laurel’s character in this season that wasn’t just transforming her into another Tommy. Though, at first, I thought that was exactly they were doing.

I really like the villain in this one. I think they do a good job first showing him as Slade Wilson, then after the mirakuru, the drug that transforms people into monsters, he becomes Deathstroke, whose soul purpose is to revenge a death that was only kind of Oliver’s fault. It makes for some interesting storytelling and the way they mix the continuing story of Oliver’s stay on the island and how it affects the story in the present is very well done throughout the season.


+6: Very enjoyable throughout

-0.5: Laurel’s character for the first six episodes or so but she gets better

+1: Great villain

+1: More explosions and less drama than the first season


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