Vixen Season 1


Rating: 6.5/10

The Arrowverse viewing order list I’m using puts watching this whole first season a little over halfway through the other shows’ seasons. Being that this is a very short series, which you can watch for free (with commercials) through the CW Seed app, I’ll make this a quick review.

Vixen is a superhero who calls upon a magical necklace, or”Totem,” to use the power of any animal. In this season, she discovers an enemy who has been hunting her for many years.

This has some great action, and one fight where both Arrow and Flash fight Vixen, and Flash runs the slowest we’ve ever seen! It’s some great cartoon action though and makes me think they should make more animated superhero shows for adults. I mean, this is pretty cool, and not specifically aimed at adults, but it would be nice to see this as a primetime program with a half hour per episode rather than half hour per season. Still, looking forward to more when I get to it in my list.


+6: Decent animated, superhero micro-series

+1: Action is very well done

-0.5: The story is practically brushed aside to make room for the action, understandable at only a few minutes per episode

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