Constantine Season 1


Rating: 8/10

Since I’m using a list and all these shows end simultaneously on it, I’ll just make these quick reviews.

Constantine was produced on NBC originally but was bought by CW for their app, and then bought again just recently by the soon-to-be-released DC Universe app, and now it looks like Matt Ryan is joining the cast in the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow season. I still kind of hope Constantine gets another season, even if it never will.

Constantine is your friendly neighborhood demonologist and magic user, who discovers a woman who can psychically see people and places where hellspawn have gotten loose. Constantine partners up with her, with a little help from an angel named Manny, to rid these demons all across the country.

I think that this is actually one of the best comic book series made in recent years, and it’s too bad that it didn’t get more seasons. Maybe it was just overshadowed by things like Supernatural or Black Mirror that it didn’t find the audience it could have had otherwise. I think that Matt Ryan is perfect as Constantine, and his ragtag friends do nothing but help the show.

My only real complaint is that more people didn’t watch this awesome show. Why not America?



-1: Okay, not really…

-1: Penalty point for not having more fans and still being on the air for my enjoyment

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