The Flash Season 1

The Flash Season 1.jpg

Rating: 6/10

Barry Allen is struck by lightning as the particle accelerator explodes and that transforms him into the Flash, Central City’s favorite super speedster! Along with him comes many other meta-humans, and a hidden threat he didn’t even know he had who might be the key to solving his mother’s murder.

This first season is pretty good aside from two things. Firstly, the Eddie-Iris-Barry love triangle feels basically like a shot-for-shot remake of the Tommy-Laurel-Oliver love triangle from the first season of Arrow. All the way to *SPOILERS* Tommy/Eddie being related to the main villain in some way and then dying, nobly, on the last episode of the season. Related to that is my second main problem, that they stole the ending to Looper. I mean, they stole it, we all saw them steal it. That movie was only two years before the start of this season, so it’s not like it’s faded from our memories and its some kind of homage or something, because it isn’t. It’s just a way for the writer’s to get rid of an unlikable character, and I feel they could have done something better than this.

Anyway, aside from that, the casting is superb as Caitlyn, Cisco, and Wells are all great additions throughout the twist-filled season. And Barry is the best Barry who ever Barry’d.


+7:Exciting first season and introduction to the metahuman section of the Arrowverse

-2: Eddie, just Tommy-I mean Eddie

-1: Stolen Looper ending, that is doubly bad because it makes absolutely no sense as it would have created a time paradox so hard the whole universe should have blown up

+1: Great characters all around

+1: Best Flash on screen so far

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