Vixen Season 2


Rating: 7.5/10

Vixen Season 2 chronicles the events after the first season as a new enemy comes forward. One who uses the powers of the fire totem as he battles with our heroine. She must recruit her sister, the one who betrayed her in the first season, in order to take down this new threat.

This short season is great, so great I’m surprised they haven’t started a full half-hour show for it already, but being that this is the last of it with no more to speak of (though I now have The Ray to look forward to) I don’t think I’ll see much more of this version of the Vixen anytime soon, unfortunately.

It’s an action-packed sequel to the first season, and probably even better if watching them back-to-back. Very fun action with a better story that the first season. My only complaint is that the ending feels a little rushed, as if they were setting up another season which isn’t going to come. Oh well, at least it wasn’t a cliffhanger.


+7: Great followup to first season

+1: surprisingly good animation

-0.5: Ending leaves me wanting more, sigh…

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