0693: Airplane! (1980)


Rating: 10+/10

Ah, Airplane. The movie that started every off-the-wall parody movie that’s come out since, more or less. From the people who brought you Kentucky Fried Movie, the triple-director team, Jerry and David Zucker along with Jim Abrahams, bring you a movie so crazy and hilarious, nothing quite like it had ever come before, with nothing is quite as fun or funny as this movie. You might think “Surely, with so many parodies that have come out since then there must be something that had hold a candle to this.” to which I would answer, “You’re wrong, also, don’t call me Surely.”

This isn’t the first movie that parodies others. Mel Brooks was already making a pretty good living making movies doing what this one does. But this movie takes it up to a new level in terms of ridiculousness, and ironically they do this by hiring a cast of people that were almost all typically serious actors up to that point, including Leslie Nielsen who hadn’t been in a single comedy up to that point. He ended up making a name for himself as a purely comedic actor after starring in this film.

Why you should watch it before you die: With impressive comedy, great pacing, and a precedent set by this film for every parody movie that’s comes since, Airplane is uniquely funny and recommended for all.


10+: A totally unique vision that parodies disaster films that no one even remembers anymore, yet this film will be enjoyed forever for its utter over-the-top and ridiculous humor and storytelling

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