Legends of Tomorrow Season 1

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1.jpg

Rating: 7/10

Rip Hunter collects heroes and villains from both the Arrow and the Flash to travel through time in the hopes of stopping one possible future.

Though this show feels a bit like Doctor Who meets Justice League it quickly becomes my favorite show amongst all of them. This season has a bit of a slow start, but it starts combining humor, internal character drama, and any genre they want that week, in such an entertaining way, it’s hard not to love the formula. But, for anyone starting this show, I would humbly tell them that “later seasons are better…” before letting them go through the episodes.

I only have two real complaints though, but they both bog this season down in major ways. The first is too much focus on relationships between the characters (especially when it’s this redundant) and the second is the overarching bad guy of this season, Vandal Savage. Also, both these things revolve around the character of Hawkgirl oddly enough.

Okay, SPOILERS after this point. Hawkgirl is meant to marry Hawkman, and everytime they die, they will meet in the next life, remember all their lives, and get married again. However, this time, Hawkman is killed early on, so Hawkgirl and the Atom start dating, but she’s always like “oh, I’m supposed to be with Hawkman, otherwise my love is doomed to fail.” But then Atom is like, “Ah, Come on!” Then she’s like, “oh okay,” and it happens at least once per episode for a large chunk of it just to annoy me.

Then there’s Vandal, who’s an immortal creep (seriously, I feel like the character goes around flashing elderly women everytime he says anything. Most. Disappointing. Immortal. Ever.) and his character just never changes or grows in any way. He’s meant to hunt down and kill the Hawk-people every time they’re reborn, and he doesn’t seem to gain any wisdom or personality for that matter, no matter how many centuries he’s lived. I mean it, they show him at the beginning in ancient Egypt, and he’s in no way different from his present day self. It’s just weird, and lazy writing. Maybe that’s how it is in the comics, but I don’t think it’s forgivable even if he is. The fact that he’s able to take over the world later is just astonishing. The way he does it doesn’t make any sense either, not even in a comic book way.


+10: Superheroes and time travel?! Sign me up!

-1.5: a bit too much of the “will they, won’t they, oh wait, they are already are so who cares?”

-2.5: Seriously, this guy is an immortal demigod? This guy!?

+1: One of the best deaths I’ve ever seen in a superhero show, or anywhere on TV, no not Vadal Savages…

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