Supergirl Season 1

Supergirl season 1

Rating: 7.5/10

Supergirl is one of the new shows of the 2015-2016 season that Arrowverse’s head producer Greg Valenti couldn’t get CW to buy so they produced this season on a competing network for the first season only to bring it to the CW the following year.

This tells the story of Supergirl, Superman’s cousin (something this show likes to remind us of at least once per episode) and she works undercover as Kara Danvers at Catco Media, a huge media empire, and as Supergirl she works alongside her adopted sister as Supergirl for the DEO.

It has a bit of a rocky start, but once it starts adding more aliens and every side characters starts slowly becoming superheroes in one way or another. It slowly gets better and by the end of the season is just as good as the rest of the Arrowverse. It takes a bit to get there though, so be warned.

One thing that makes the first season of this show though is Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart), the woman in charge of Catco Media, who built it from the ground up and is one of the strongest, smartest, and funniest women in all of the Arrowverse, it’s just too bad this is the only season she’s in, outside of a few cameos after this.

My biggest complaint is how much this season focuses on Supergirl hooking up with someone. First Winn had a thing for her and then Jimmy and both times all I can think is well, “This succeeds at wasting my time and little else.” I think this would have been better if it was more something like Supergirl questioning the moral implications of dating a human, or what it could mean for the furtherment of the Kryptonian race. Instead they just kind of gloss over everything and she just wants to bang someone, more or less. I guess I just see something that could have been interesting, and instead it’s just typical for what you’d expect in a drama about relationships.

Awesome finale though.


+6.5: Good, after a very rocky start

+1: Cat Grant!

-1: Too many parts in this season that’s focused on Supergirl’s relationship with men

+1 Sweet ending

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