The Flash Season 2

The Flash Season 2.png

Rating: 8/10

The Flash takes on a Super-Speedster-From-Another-Planet named Zoom who’s so much faster than Barry he’s used his speed to take over an entire other Earth from another dimension!

This season is much better than the first. Not that the first season was bad, really, it just kept getting bogged down with certain things like relationship drama and scenes that didn’t do much for the overarching plot, but here those are gone, and instead as the Flash tries to get faster, it seems like he’ll never be fast enough to defeat Zoom.

Personally, I think this season of the Flash kicked season 4 of Arrow out of the water. Better twists and turns, also, where Arrow falters with a sense of hopelessness over the season, the Flash seems to flourish in it and it just makes us root that much harder for him. He’s the only person who can save the city from a threat as large as Zoom, but he’s not strong enough to do so. But, unlike Queen who feels like he’s on the brink of just giving up sometimes, Barry knows he’s powerless to stop Zoom, but at the same time he always rises up to try, even when he knows he’s going to fail. It’s just interesting to note that one show’s weakness can be another show’s strength.


+7: Fairly entertaining season with pretty high stakes

+1: Impressive villain

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