Box o’ Rando: Let’s Be Evil (2016)

Let's Be Evil.jpg

Rating: -3/10

Okay, This wasn’t in my box. I actually watched this on Netflix, but I decided it randomly to watch something “scary” for Halloween. So it’s close enough in my book.

Let’s Be Evil is about a small group chosen by a company-that-is-definitely-not-Google to test out a new line of augmented-reality glasses. It’s so high tech that they’re put in a cave deep underground with no light whatsoever and the reality around them is simply created through their glasses.

This movie simply falls flat. It starts with a decent premise, but doesn’t seem to be able to decide on its tone, genre, or even what the plot should be. It feels like they had a decent script and was starting to turn into a story about what kind of terrors could happen should we rely on technology as much as they do here. But then, about halfway through, it gives up and decides it’s just simply a horror movie after all. Except it never goes all out. I started watching this movie hoping there’d be blood and stabbing or at least a bunch of jump scares but it fails on all counts, mostly. One person does burn to death right in front of us but the only other on screen death is basically just a group of kids lightly touching someone to death. I’m not even kidding.

Random Thoughts: I wanted a movie with so-bad-it’s-good qualities but instead got a movie that was trying too hard to have messages that it just doesn’t have the skill or the maturity to handle.

-3: I tried to like it at first but it devolves into a big mess

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