Boxo Rando: Power Rangers (2017)

Power Rangers.jpg

Rating: 2/10

A group of teenagers have magical stones fall in their lap to make them Power Rangers! Okay that’s a good enough synapsis.

This movie had a good first 10-15 minutes. It had some flashback that had a bit of action, then came to the present and introduced the main character Jason very well, and seemed to be on its way to becoming a non-stop thrill-ride. At one point, I even said “this movie is written more competently than I would have thought.” It was after they showed a couple scenes that Jason broke a knee that still acts up and ruined his high school football chances. And it did all this without ever explicitly stating any of it through showing and not telling. Unfortunately that’s about the end to this movies cleverness. It feels like someone else wrote that part, but I don’t know anything specifically, according to Wikipedia, it looks like this movie was being written by Max Landis before they fired him, but again, I don’t know anything.

Okay, after the first ten minutes, it gets pretty lousy really fast. It plays heavily into cliches, it has a bunch of plot holes, it basically stretches out the plot to an insane degree. This movie should have started at the beginning of the THIRD act. Because that’s when they discover their powers, get the Zords (the giant robots they fight in), and really do anything in terms of plot. Okay, actually I would have been fine with it happening right after the training montage which happens about 30-45 minutes in. But instead they just stretch out that they can’t seem to “morph” into the titular Power Rangers, the reason 100% of the audience actually wanted to watch the movie for. Instead it’s all jam-packed into the last half hour of the movie, and when they actually get to the action, it’s pretty lackluster. Definitely not worth sitting through an hour and a half of the movie for. And it makes the whole thing feel like a waste of time.

Random Thoughts: I used to like the Power Rangers a lot growing up. It’s really corny, but I think that’s part of its charm, and it captures the essence of Voltron, after-school specials, Godzilla, and Ninja Turtles, all in a half-hour television show (super cheesy, like I said). This movie thinks that deleting EVERYTHING that’s come before it and turning it into something entirely different is the best way to go. I’m just sorry this was so bad it probably means there won’t be anymore Power Rangers movies for a while. Though I guess if this is the quality of Power Rangers films moving forward, I’m not that sorry.


+5: Right in the middle, quality-wise

+1: I enjoyed the first 10 minutes

-3: I did not enjoy anything else

-1: more padding in the plot than I think I’ve ever seen in any movie (but don’t quote me on that)

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