MCU: Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Captain America the First Avenger.jpg

Rating: 8/10

Steve Rogers is a young, skinny boy with asthma who wants to fight against the Germans during WWII. He gets his lucky break when Steve is selected for the Super Soldier Serum by some scientist. Meanwhile, the Red Skull is creating an organization to take over not only the Nazi party but the rest of the world too.

Captain America is a movie that does the best that it can on what feels like a limited dime. It was a strange time for superhero movies. Iron Man had been made and they announced that Disney was going to put out multiple movies which would then come together in the Avengers. Though everyone agreed that Iron Man was pretty good, no one was sure what this movie was going to be like or if any of it was a good idea.

Well, we all know that it all worked out in the end. But how do these early MCU movies stand up after so much time has passed? I’m happy to say that this movie is still pretty darn good. It has it’s flaws, it’s rare to find any film that doesn’t, but it’s still fairly enjoyable from beginning to end. Also it has a very catchy song written by Alan Menken.

One of the problems that many of MCU origin films have is the villains. They are almost always super evil with no real depth of character, and their powers are usually just a stolen version of the hero himself. This isn’t untrue here, but Hugo Weaving does such a good job of being a villain that you hardly notice.

This movie is a bit long, and it does a little meandering. Right after the first act, when Cap gets his powers, instead of getting to the action finally it goes through a bit where he gets to be famous and star in movies? Is this some kind of commentary on Chris Evans starring in this movie? I dunno, just a bit weird.


+7: A bit slow at times but a good start for Captain America

+1: Hugo Weaving’s performance

-0.5: Meanders a bit after the first act

+0.5: that Menken song is just so damn catchy…

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