My List: BlacKkKlansman (2018)

Rating: 10+/10

This movie is the true story of Ron Stallworth (John David Washington), a black, American police officer who decided after making detective in Colorado, that he should infiltrate the KKK and does so successfully in the 1970s.

This movie is great, directed by Spike Lee and produced by Jordan Peele, I think it’s going to stand out as both a great movie of this year, but one of the best movies of all time. Actually, I think I’ve already decided this is one of my perfect movies so I’m just going to tell you the only thing that made me go “I don’t know if I like this…” throughout the whole film. That’s something they do at the very end. They use actual news footage of modern day events to show that things are essentially the same as they were in this movie (and they’re right…). It does make a point, and I decided afterwards that I do like this section. But, at the time, I thought it was just a bit tacky. It makes a good point though, so I forgive it for its tackiness.

Outside of that one, minor thing, I thought this movie did an amazingly good job of conveying its message along with making this an amazing experience all around. It uses humor, drama, music, and setting, to recreate real events. All the film’s elements come together to make a movie that puts the story first and foremost, and doesn’t mind using a little comedy to tell a story that, though true, is just a tad ridiculous. Still, I hope this isn’t the only time that Spike Lee and Jordan Peele work together. They’re already great filmmakers on their own, but here, they have shown that, as a team, they can do truly amazing things.

Why you should watch it before you die: Recommended for anyone who’s mature enough to watch a movie with a lot of racism. This movie should be watched by all at one point in their life.


10+: Totally perfect, not a single mistake, and totally unapologetic about telling a good, true story

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