The Incredibles 2 (2018)

Rating: 8/10

Incredibles 2 picks up right where the first one left off with the super-family fighting the Underminer. After defeating him and getting arrested on national television, they’re found by a man who wants to make supers illegal no more and thinks that with the Incredibles help (more specifically, Elastigirl) he can sway public opinion in the matter.

This movie is pretty darn entertaining from start to finish. It has action, adventure, and is very deserving to be a sequel to such a great first film. It’s got a lot of laughs as well, though there were just a few times when the jokes just fell flat. It only happens a few times, but every time it was enough for me to go, “Huh? Brad Bird should know that’s not a joke. Maybe they’re funnier in other languages?” That was the only thing I could think of. But being that this movie’s in English initially, I really hope it’s not just because Pixar wants jokes that fly in China or something. Make jokes work for the people they’re intended for first, stop throwing away your fans by fishing for other audiences. I mean, I might be wrong and maybe those jokes are hilarious to Brad Bird. I’m just speculating and know nothing.

Anyway, the sixties motiff works in this movie really well. Also, there’s a few scenes that felt a lot like DCs style as opposed to Marvel. Makes me wonder, since initially the first film was in homage to Marvel comics a few years before Marvel became synonymous with “entertaining film franchise.” Now that DC films haven’t been doing very well, if Pixar is giving them a bit of a boost by modeling a few scenes after Gotham City and having some moments that feel like they could have been ripped straight out of the DC universe. Or maybe I’m just dreaming that one day DC movies will be good again and Pixar predicts the future. Either way, love the style, whether or not it’s been borrowed.

Though the action was great, I think the music in this movie is what really makes the film. It takes the sixties style and just runs with it, making each scene feel that much more like James Bond, or Star Trek, or whatever emotion Michael Giacchino wants you to feel at the time. Every track of the score is a terrific complement to each scene it’s in.

Oh, one last complaint, I didn’t mind that the villain was ultimately a bit of a lame duck (I mean, even Batman has to fight Condiment King sometimes) as the story wasn’t really centered around heroes fighting villains like the first one (sort of) was. But I think the “twist” was something that anyone would see coming if they had only seen the first movie and knew nothing about comics otherwise. I would have appreciated a bit of a curve-ball instead of something everyone outside of the movie could see, so it’s a bit of a mystery that no one in the movie suspected a thing.


+8.5: Pretty darn good follow up to the original, hopefully we don’t have to wait 10+ years for another one…

+1: Amazing music

-0.5: A few too many lame jokes (just a few though)

-1: A twist that I’ll act surprised about…

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