1126: Inception (2010)

Rating: 9.5/10

Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a thief, but he doesn’t go around robbing old ladies on street corners, what he and his team does is steal ideas from people’s dreams. However, one man comes to him with a different kind of job: Inception. Can Cobb create an idea in someone’s brain and make them believe they came up with it themselves? He thinks so, but he’s going to need the right team.

What’s great about Inception is that it takes the heist movie formula, man is approached with an “impossible” job, he needs to put a team together, they practice, train, learn the mission, and then everything goes wrong and they have to improvise anyway. It’s a familiar formula but here they use it but rewrite all the other rules. They’re in dreams now and their heist is one that involves many layers, literally, as they’re going down further and further into a dream within a dream within a dream…within a dream. And that creates an environment and a situation unlike any other, until it becomes a question of just how much of this film is meant to be in a dream, and how much is the real world?

What’s great about this movie is it’s style, and it’s worth watching just to experience that. What’s really awesome though is it’s ambiguity. I know that’s a weird thing to complement, but I think I’ve mentioned I’m a Stanley Kubrick fan, and this film has Kubrick-influenced written all over it. It keeps you guessing, even after the movie is over.

Why you should watch it before you die: Outside of being one of the most original heist movies ever made, it’s style, form, and music, all make it worth your time. Even if you don’t completely understand it, I promise this movie is, at the least, entertaining.

+8.5: Pretty darn good and an original take on the genre

+1: Wait, so Mal was dead the whole time? I should watch it again…

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