Box of Rando’: Batman: Bad Blood

Rating: 6.5/10

Batman is killed in an explosion, and Dick Grayson gives up the mantle of Nightwing to become the new Batman while his master is gone. Meanwhile, a new threat, um, threatens Gotham City and Dick, Batwoman, the new Robin, and new(er) hero Batwing team up to stop this threat from doing…ummm…something?

Okay, obviously this movie’s story might have been just a tad convoluted. It has some decent action scenes and the animations itself is pretty top notch but for every cool action scene there’s probably an equally long scene that’s nothing but expositional dialogue, which often doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Still it was entertaining enough just for the action but all other parts feel more like filler than anything else.

Random Thoughts: Something I’ve been wondering a lot lately, does anyone like exposition?


+5.5: Alright Batman story though a bit hard to follow

+1: Cool action

-1: Too much exposition/filler

+1: Really good animation

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