Bird Box (2018)

Rating: 4.5/10

Sandra Bullock plays a pregnant woman caught up in a worldwide disaster. Monsters arrive and if anyone looks at them they either become so suicidal they try to kill themselves immediately or they turn into mindless slaves who try to get people to look at the monster. Bullock must survive in this world, but can she do so while protecting her children?

Bird Box is an interesting concept, kind of the plot of the Happening but not degrading into the comically stupid to a point you just start laughing uncontrollably. Here, it actually crafts a fairly interesting story, though I don’t think it’s one that’s going to, say, last the test of time or anything. But this movie is fairly interesting and entertaining throughout the film, and there’s worse things to do in a 2-hour time span.

I haven’t read the book, nor have I seen a Quiet Place yet, something I hear this movie rips off to at least a bit. But having not seen it I can’t comment. I can say that this all-star cast all act a bit woodenly throughout the movie. Bullock is meant to be a bit distant from others due to tragedies but outside of this bare-essential personality trait, she’s never really given the character development parts we need to truly relate to her. Interesting ideas only bring us so far, we need real emotional investment in these characters in order to feel things as things go right or wrong for them.

Humanity and emotion are necessary so the audience can be allowed to be involved. Without it, your film is only as good as the ideas behind it. This isn’t always bad, of course, I’ve seen sci-fi movies that do fairly well without much more than a few cool ideas. But horror really needs humanity so one can feel, at the very least, scared.


+6.5: Decent flick, though not worth the hype it’s been getting

-2: Total lack of emotional involvement makes this movie immediately forgettable

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