A Quiet Place (2018)

RATING: [4/10]

Monsters invade Earth for unexplained reasons. The beasts are blind but their hearing is amazing and if they hear you, they will kill you in a matter of moments. One family tries to survive under these conditions as these monsters invade on a worldwide scale.

It’s so weird that this and Bird Box came out in the same year. The base concept sounds the same, except the opposite as one relies on sight and the other on sound. But also, the opposite is true where the movies problems lie. Here they have a lot of character development, showing how one family relates to one another as they experience what all families do, except with the absence of sound. But, this plot is so full of holes it makes my brain hurt, also, many of the character actions make no sense at all. Bird Box is a lot of cool ideas with not a lot of character development. Here, it’s all the emotion Bird Box was missing but without the ideas it needed to make the story and characters believable.

Let me give you an example, they have two kids with them at the beginning. They leave camp and their kids come with them. The son trails behind with a space toy, which eventually turns on. The kid just keeps playing with it, not noticing the flashing lights or loud noises and all I can think is “this is bad parenting,” because how can you raise a kid in that kind of world and not teach them that sound was something to be feared. Stupid kid in a surprisingly stupid family. I wish this was the end of it and this was just a filler family killed off at the beginning of the movie, only to switch to another family, or anyone else really, who tried to survive in a logical way.

Unfortunately, these are the main characters we get. I suppose if you can suspend your disbelief enough, this is an okay film. But it immediately falls apart the moment you really start thinking about any of it.


+5: Kind of average, overall

+1: Darn good sound design

-1: Too many “plot demands it” moments

-1: I don’t think I’ve ever yelled this much at characters on a movie screen before. Maybe that’s a positive?…Nah.

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